A year long Field Workshop on the banks of Buffalo Bayou East End

Exquisite Corps (ExCo) will be a year-long situational visionary caravansary that will function as a collaborative field workshop spread across 33 ISBU shipping containers. The arrangement will create a community-within-community, encouraging encamped artists, accustomed to working in isolation, to engage in self-directed, trans-disciplinary activities of every type. The project will connect directly to the larger community through open monthly public events, as well as spontaneous happenings. Exquisite Corps is, above all, an experiment in social and cultural design via situational environment. By collecting 33 donated 40'x8'x8' ISBU shipping containers and deploying them for a 12-month habitation, ExCo intends to promote interaction through neighborly opportunity.

Participating Artists and Creative Teams

ISBU 1     “Bayou Bio-Shed” Henry G. Sanchez SVA NYC/Houston 11/30

Henry G. Sanchez’s “Bayou Bio-Shed” ISBU will serve as an education shed and housing for canoes and kayaks for exploring Buffalo Bayou. It will work in cooperation with the School of Visual Arts’ Bio Art Lab container so visitors and students can launch explorations to collect video, photos and biological samples to bring back to the Bio Art Lab ISBU to educate the public on findings and discoveries. ...more...

ISBU 2     “Bio Art Lab”  Suzanne Anker School of Visual Arts NYC 11/30

The School of Visual Arts (Manhattan, NYC) will establish a bio-art residency that mimics its own Bio Art Lab in the BFA Fine Arts Department. The interdisciplinary residency will take place in the ICBU container with access to microscopes for photography and video, skeletons, specimens and slide collections, with a herbarium and aquarium, as well as a library. ...more...

ISBU 3     “Portable Medical Clinic”  Baylor College of Medicine & Hive Design Team 

Our goal is to design a scalable, cost-effective, aesthetic clinical facility for prenatal care using a framework of freight-shipping containers. Baylor and HIVE will partner to create culturally-appropriate, operationally and environmentally-thoughtful structures that seamlessly integrate into existing communities. Units will be designed with solar-power and wireless capability to allow functionality and connectivity in resource-constrained environments of the United States and abroad

ISBU 4      Kelly Scott Kelly/ Louisiana State University

ISBU 5      Christopher Sperandio/ Associate Profesor, Rice University

ISBU 6      Robert Pruitt/ Texas State University

ISBU 7      Jennifer Wood/ Suchu Dance

ISBU 8      Amy Ell/ Vault Dance Houston

ISBU 9      Paul Kittelson/ University of Houston Sculpture Department

ISBU 10    Selven O’keef Jarmon

ISBU 11    Dean/Ruck Projects

ISBU 12    Zak Moser/ Shrimp Boat Project

ISBU 13    Jason Nodler/ Catastrophic Theater/Houston

ISBU 14    The Art Guys Pet Shipping Container

The Art Guys are pleased to introduce the “Pet Shipping Container”.  The Pet Storage Container is a fun community pet. The Pet Shipping Container is fun and easy to care for.  Everyone will enjoy watching, walking, feeding and playing with the Pet Shipping Container.   The Pet Shipping Container is a concept that expresses the extreme versatility of shipping containers by transforming a shipping container into a pet.  ...more...

ISBU 15   Rafael and Jesus Cuetos/ Lima Peru / Buon Fresco Workshop

ISBU 16   Urban Harvest / Tyler Home / Culinary Arts

ISBU 17   Mary Ellen Caroll / MEC

ISBU 18   Will Gruy / Tiber / Culinary

ISBU 19   Jason Nolder / Catastrophic Theater

ISBU 20   Michael Woodson / KISBU Container Radio

ISBU 21   Stephanie Saint Sanchez

ISBU 22   Paul Mittendorf / Gallery Homeland

ISBU 23   FrenitiCore Dance Theater

ISBU 24   Boat Building Shop

ISBU 25   They Who Sound

ISBU 26   Kelly Alison / smART PODS / Spawn

 A smART POD as self sustaining oyster mushroom farm, designed by artist Kelly Alison in partnership with Build Native solar systems and Alfonso Cano with MG Alimentos Mushroom and Spawn specialist. The aim of this project is to collect urban waste from the Houston and surrounding area, consisting mostly of coffee grounds, and transform them into the delicious and colorful oyster mushroom. By locating the POD in a public setting, as part of ExCo, the process of preparing substrate, spawning and harvesting will be visible to the public through monthly demonstrations and process evaluation. ...more...

ISBU 27   University of Houston Mitchell Center

ISBU 29   Buffalo Bayou Partnership

ISBU 30   Visitor Center / Gift Shop

ISBU 31   HIVE Office

ISBU 32   Power Supply

ISBU 33   Storage

ISBU 34   L.O.C.C.A.: Law Office Center for Citizenship and Art

An art project-think tank located in Houston’s East End Hispanic community, is collaborating with the University of Houston’s Center for Mexican American Studies and the Houston Public Library’s Hispanic Archive to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month in September by convening a series of programs about Latino voting in Texas. LOCCA has installed an ISBU shipment container to serve as a classroom, art studio and video projection booth for programed events.



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